Eastern European University Association
Study MBBS
in Russia & Ukraine
in Engish $3300/year
Recognized by MCI.
European lifestyle.
Easy Admission
Study in English
We offer 14 State Medical Universities in Russia & Ukraine recognized by MCI.
Medical courses
General Medicine from $3300/year in English
General Medicine from $2600/year in Russian
Pharmacy from $3100/year in English
Pharmacy from $3450/year in Russian
Dentistry from $4000/year in English
Dentistry from $2000/year in Russian
Preparatory course from $1500
List of Medical Universities and Tuition fees
Courses in English
MBBS/General Medicine
Crimean Federal University, Russia
$4600 1st year
$3300 2-6 year
Sait Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, Russia
$6500 1st year
$5000 2-6 year
Ryazan State Medical University, Russia
$5900 1st year
$4300 2-6 year
Kazan State Medical University, Russia
$6800 1st year
$5400 2-6 year
$5900 1st year
$4300 2-6 year
$4600 1st year
$3100 2-6 year
Kazan Federal University
$7600 1st year
$6100 2-6 year
$9200 1st year
$7800 2-6 year
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
$8500 1st year
$6500 2-6 year
RUDN University (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia)

$10000 1st year
$8500 2-6 year
$1100 1st year
$9500 2-6 year
Lobachevskiy Nizhniy Novgorod State University, Russia
$4630 1st year
$3630 2-6 year
Ivano-Frankivsk National Medicla University, Ukraine
$5000 1st year
$4300 2-6 year
$4700 1st year
$4000 2-6 year
$4100 1st year
$3600 2-6 year
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Admission procedure
Submit Application on-line
Admission manager will contact you to choose the best option at relevant university. You will receive Admission letter in 1-2 days.
Sign Agreement and pay Registration fee $250
Admission manager will send you Agreement and Invoice for 250 US Dollars (includes Invitation cost and courier charges to deliver it to you). You can pay Online, via Bank transfer or by Western Union. You must sign Agreement and send PDF copy to us.
Wait for Official Invitation
Invitation for study visa will be issued and send to you by courier. Issuing time: 20-40 days for Russian University, 10 days for Ukrainian university.
Apply for a Student Visa
Apply for a visa at nearest Russian/Ukrainian/Belarus Embassy. Legalize your Educational documents at Embassy. Pay Visa fee at Embassy.
Pay the fees.
After you get visa you have to pay: Admission fee $700, Airport pick up $100 or 200, Tuition fee and Hostel fee for 1 year (According to the Agreement).
Prepare your flight
EEUA representive will assist you to buy your ticket to Moscow / Kiev. Yoou send us copy of your ticket in 5 days before arrival.
We will inform Border Police about your arrival and our representative will meet you in airport and transfer you to university.
Registration at University
and final payment
EEUA Local manager will register you at University and check you in at hostel (dormitory). EEUA Local manager will support you during all period of study.
About EEUA
The Eastern European University Association is the student placement center for Russian, Ukrainian & Belarus universities.
EEUA represent worldwide more than 50 State universities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus recognized all over the world.

EEUA Universities give to students European diplomas and International experience by affordable price.

EEUA main office located in Moscow, Russia. Branch offices located in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Belgorod, Kursk, Kirov, Grozny, Simferopol, Sumy and Kharkiv.

Why apply with us?
Guaranted Admission
EEUA is official International office for over 50 State Universities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Tuition fee from $2600 a year
Pay tuition on arrival. Russian Government susidize universities so Tuition fees are relatively low.
Hostel from $200 a year
We gurantee place at student hostel (dormitory) for every foriegn student.
Small Admission charges
You pay Registration fee $250 for Invitation & Courier, Admission fee $700 for admission service and Air pick-up fee $200 for transfer to university.
8 years in market
We have good experience and know how to help with you dream to become a sucessful person.
Over 9500 student enrolled
Join team of our happy students. Every year 1500 of our applicants become European students.
"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"
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