• Saima Saad
    Parent of a female Student at Kirov State Medical University
    Asslam o Alaikum:
    I am the mother of Minahil Saeed who is currently admitted in MBBS 1st year at ( Kirov Medical university Russia), There are number of consulting companies across the globe but (Eastern European Association Pakistan) is the best Association in Pakistan & we are really happy to decide to turn to (EEUA) there highly professional members helped throughout my daughter not only in Admission even that visa, travel pick&drop in Russia & as well in hostel settlement.
    My daughter"s dream to get admission to MBBS it happened with the help of this ORGANISATION (EEUA) It was impossible to take the decision that I sent my daughter to Russia for studies but here I would like to mention the name" Mam Ella" the generous LADY & "up to the mark" bcoz she not only sent my daughter even she helped her in all steps of her journey SAFE her from all hardships in UNIVERSITY and in Hostel. SHE Took my daughter the same as her own daughter & provide her safety, Confidence and huge support throughout which is highly appreciated & i have never seen this type of deep concern with a student she has in her personality & still she is treating the same.
    (EEUA) is a highly professional company they provide an excellent service, check&balance of students which can make our Child's future secure. I especially Thanks to Mam Ella for her kind concern towards my daughter & for all students. I highly recommend to all parents to choose (EEUA) FOR THEIR CHILDREN & for Girls especially.

  • Ahmad Gujjar
    Student at Kirov State Medical University
    I am Muhammad Ahmad. I found this organisation online, like any other Pakistani it was hard for me to believe them in soo much. but this organisation is for real. They are highly professional staff who helped me throughout my journey. With the admission, visa, and tickets. when I arrived here they helped me with everything. I am a student of KIROV STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY. where I came to fulfil my dream of becoming a doctor. I highly recommend this organisation. they are highly professional people there is no scam in this.
    Thank you EEUA

    Student at Kirov State Medical University
    Hello everyone! I am a student in Kirov State Medical University(KSMU), Kirov, Russia. I came here through the Eastern European University Association. They are professional, friendly and cooperative. I love my university KSMU. It follows the European education system. After every semester, we have practical training classes. Multiple hospitals and clinics are affiliated with our university equipped with modern facilities. The university has three buildings 1,2 and 3. We go to these buildings for different lessons. There is a separate anatomy building. These buildings are only a few minutes walking distances. The teachers are friendly and have a very thorough knowledge of their disciplines. One can ask them questions without any hesitation. They gladly answer. The university has a modern cafeteria where we can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at affordable rates. If you want to cook yourself you can buy all the things from grocery stories. There are plenty of grocery stores and supermarkets nearby. You can also find halal meat and chicken. There are also Muslim restaurants here in Kirov. There are plenty of places to shop and visit. The city has beautiful parks and a beach. My favourite places in Kirov are Alexander garden and Park imeni kirova. Kirov is a beautiful and quiet city with a beautiful environment close to nature. It snows in the winter and the summers are warm and enjoyable. I am happy about my decision to study in Kirov. I will recommend EEUA to those who genuinely want to study abroad.
    I am Pawan Kumar. I found this organization online.They are highly professional staff helped me throughout my journey. With the admission, visa , tickets.Now I'm student of KIROV STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY For Next 6 years.I would highly recommend this organisation
    Thank you EEUA

    i got my process of getting admission in MBBS done through EEUA Pakistan. They are very professional.
    I’ll recommend EEUA to anyone who is willing to study abroad.
    Thanks to EEUA to safe my future and make it bright. Finally I am the student of kirove state of medical university Russia with all the efforts of EEUA.Highly professional staff. They treat us like their family. And still they are helping us. Thanks for giving us such amazing

    EEUA is straight forward, friendly, and well experienced authorized agency than others. Only a well organized even yet can guide a student properly to choose a right platform for his/her future. I was frustrated about my future then I noticed EEUA and they guided me like a mentor which has become like a blessing for my future.

    Therefore, I have obtained my desire goal because of EEUA.In this journey they prepared me for the interview, assisted me like a family. However, those who want to peruse their higher study in Russian federation , please you can blindly choose this company . Trust me you will be a gainer with EEUA . Thanks and keep me in your prayers.

    Aimen Sultan~

  • Daniyal Gardezi

    The staff works day n night for student enrollment. Excellent service.
  • Ali Haider Rajput
    Extremely professional management. They are really looking forward to providing the students with a life-changing opportunity at a very nominal fee.
  • Omer Zafer
    These people really helped me. They treated me like family. I highly recommend them to everyone.
  • Mudassir Saleem

    They are very helpful and professional people.

  • Kashif Kamran

    A good chance to grow up with better education for Pakistani students

  • I had an excellent experience! Got my visa without much effort from my side. EEUA took care of it all. Very cooperative and friendly people.
  • Aima Awan
    Highly recommend
    Excellent services
    This organization is real.
    They are highly professional.
    I'll recommend EEUA to those who genuinely want to study abroad.

  • Awais Shabbir Chaudhary
    Excellent services.
    I recommend EEUA to those who genuinely want to study abroad
  • Extremely professional and friendly organization 
  • Highly recommended to all Pakistani students who are planning to study abroad in Russia.

Student from Kirov State Medical University

Student from Kirov State Medical University

Student from Kirov State Medical University

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