The faculty of General Medicine in Kirov SMU was founded in 1987 by the decision of the Scientific Council of Kirov affiliate of Perm SMU and therefore marked the beginning of higher medical school in Kirov. The faculty provides medical, educational and research institutions in the Kirov region and other parts of the Russian Federation and even abroad.

Nowadays the faculty of General Medicine without any doubt is the most significant department of Kirov SMU. Annually 200-240 students are admitted on a state-financed basis. Education lasts for 6 years in intramural form. The educational process is organized in 44 departments of academic and clinical profiles.

At the faculty of General Medicine, various subjects are gradually taught: humanitarian and social economic subjects, mathematical, medical and biological subjects, and professional clinical disciplines.
1680 students study at the faculty of General Medicine in 2017-2018 (1424 of them study on a state-financed basis, 256 – on an extra-budgetary basis). The faculty has good material and technical base, which contributes to providing a high-level education and research activities. Students' training in academic disciplines is held in 3 educational buildings. The teaching of clinical disciplines is carried out at the premises of the Kirov SMU clinic and 20 medical and preventive Kirov establishments, supplied with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Over the past few years, the infrastructure of Kirov SMU developed significantly, and new training, laboratory and diagnostic equipment were purchased.

At the departments of the faculty of General Medicine, a lot of educational research schools were formed, which are famous not only in Russia but even abroad, glorifying the faculty with its accomplishments in different spheres of medicine, primarily in the sphere of liver surgery, cardiology and cardio surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, physiology, ophthalmology and eye microsurgery, healthcare organization, rheumatology, Dermato-venerology, neurology and neurosurgery, infectious diseases and psychiatry.

Students of the faculty of General Medicine are involved in Students Research Societies, headquartered in each department. Society members take part in scientific conferences in Russia and abroad, which are held annually. This activity is coordinated by the Students scientific society of Kirov SMU (Nomus) coordinates its work. The best students and students scientific society volunteers are awarded prizes, diplomas, Kirov region governor's and president's scholarships and others. Education efficiency indices show that for the past 5 years the faculty makes 98% of state demand for General Medicine specialists. Along with that, there are only 2% of expelled students. Over the past 3 years, more than 100 students from the faculty of General Medicine graduated from the academy with honours.

General administration of the faculty is carried out by the scientific council of the faculty under the guidance of the dean I.A. Chastoedova. The faculty consists of 12 academic departments.

Over the years of its existence, more than 5000 doctors have been trained in the faculty of General Medicine. Kirov SMU alumni successfully work in different regions of the Russian Federation and in neighbouring countries, including the USA, Germany, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Israel and many other countries.

Departments of the faculty of General Medicine
  • Department of obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Department of clinical therapy
  • Department of clinical surgery
  • Department of Dermato-venerology and cosmetology
  • Department of infectious diseases
  • Department of oncology
  • Department of Ophthalmology
  • Department of propaedeutics of internal diseases and professional diseases
  • Department of psychiatry named for V.I.Bagaev
  • Department of family medicine and polyclinic therapy
  • Department of topographic anatomy and operative surgery
  • Department of intermediate-level therapy

Basic courses of action of General Medicine faculty
  • Training of high-qualified staff in General Medicine speciality (31.05.01)
  • Management, planning, control and staff assistance of educational process in accordance with the curriculum and federal educational standard.
  • Organization and control for scientific and educational work at faculty departments: lectures, seminars, practical and credit classes, review sessions, and students' self-guided work.
  • Organizing pedagogic work with students for further formation of high moral standards and deep interest in the professional sphere;
  • Getting students involved in cultural activities both in Kirov SMU and as part of municipal, regional, interregional and international scientific, social, entertaining and cognitive activities. Innovative activity and informational support of the training process. International activity as part of specialists training in the basic educational program.
  • Innovation activities and development of informational technologies.
  • International affairs connected with teaching and training foreign students.