Dear Students,
You are welcome to send applications for full scholarship in Russia, at one of State technical
university in Saint Petersburg.
Language of study: Russian.
Students have to start with Preparatory courses in order to learn Russian language. It is also
free (covered by scholarship).
Type of courses:
  1. Preparatory course: 1 year
  2. Bachelor degree course: 4 year
  3. Master degree: 2 years
Application deadline: May 30th 2024
Course will start on September 1st 2024
General requirement:
  1. Students must have 70% or above marks in previous level of education.
  2. Age of students for Bachelor degree courses - below 25, for Master degree courses - below 30 years.
  3. At the time of applying visa, bank statement should be of 20 lacs for last 3 months.
1. Tuition fee: free (full scholarship)
2. Accommodation: free (full scholarship)
3. Living expenses and food: The student has to pay by himself. Approx USD1800 per year.
4. Air tickets to Saint Petersburg: The student has to buy them on his own.
5. Medical check-up and health insurance: student has to buy on his own. Approx USD150
a year.
6. Registration fee: USD300. To be paid with the documents, In case the application is not
approved USD250 will be refunded back to the student only. In case of visa rejection
registration fee OF 300 $ will be not refunded.
7. One time charges = USD 2000. To be paid after the invitation letter is ready.
8. Service fee of EEUA Pakistan: USD500. To be paid after the invitation is ready.
Documents required for admission:
1. Passport Copy with a minimum validity of 2 years.
2. MATRIC, FSC/FA/A LEVELS & BACHELORS transcripts and Certificates.
3. Father Name
4. Mother Name
5. House address
6. Email address
7. Phone number.
8. Name of the program from the list you intend to study.
9. 300 $ Registration fee. ( In case of application is rejected by the university, 250$ will be refunded back to the student same day from the Pakistan office.
(All Documents, you can send to or by what's app: +923353315656)

Please Note: One-time Charges and Service fees of EEUA will be refunded back to
the student same day in case of visa rejection. However, the registration fee is non-refundable in any case once the process is initiated after university approval.